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Dec 2, 2013 3:35am EST
't understand. why are you holding him? because stephen, ma'am, is a killer. excuse me. horatio, we still haven't found theresa barton's body... frank, we've got 72 hours before stephen is released and disappears. ( computer blipping ) hey. what you said earlier about these massey articles got me thinking. you mean how rowe studied them for his murders? i think you know where theresa barton's body is. i do? yeah, well, if he followed these articles to a "t," where was massey's body dumped? silmar lake. then that's where we'll find rowe's practice victim. things change fast in miami. could i help you gentlemen? yeah. yeah, you can. there used to be a lake here, and we think there was a body dumped in it. yeah, well, we drained it a few months ago and filled it up with trash, and nobody found no body. yeah, well, you wouldn't if you weren't looking for it, but we will be. not now, you're not. if i shut down, i lose ten grand a minute. all right, well, you want to lose another ten arguing about it, or do you want to let us get to work? i get how the thing sees different layers underground, but how i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1